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Reached so far!

We are determined to reach out to a maximum number of distressed people in these difficult times and provide them any sought of assistance needed. We are coordinating with other self-help groups and humanitarian organisations to increase our reach to maximum number of people even in the remote areas. It is time to contribute towards the society as the people need each other’s support and we can come out of this situation by holding hands together. Please contribute as much as you could during this difficult time to make things better for all our brothers and sisters.
The best way to not feel hopeless is to get up and do something

We will together make the world better

Address issues pertaining to sustainable natural resources management and livelihood in the target area, with a focus on hunger, food sovereignty and access to education leading to a better quality of life


Providing free education to children belonging to poor families.

Free Food

Providing free food to the Covid affected families at their doorstep.

Healthy Food

Providing healthy and nutritious food to the poor people.

Study Material

Distribution of books and other study materials to poor children.


Spreading awareness towards importance of education in rural areas.


Providing Healthcare Facilities to the people who can't afford it.

Stop Child Labor

To stop child labour and making sure the children are provided with quality education.

Girl Child Graduation

Ensuring girl child education and making sure that the girl child gets education up to graduation level.

Tele Consultation

Providing Tele-Consultation to the mild Covid Patients by directly connecting them to the doctor.

Provide medicine

Providing medicines to home isolated Covid Patients.

Oxygen Concentrator

Providing Oxygen Concentrators to the home isolated Covid Patients.

Government Authority

Coordinating with government authorities to provide better health facilities to the patients.

Give a helping hand for children